4.9 Help

4.9.1 Documentation

Shows this manual. Under Windows the Windows Html help is used, under Linux and Mac the wxWidgets Help Controller. Alternatively the manual is available as PDF in the documentation folder.

4.9.2 Key word

Searches the documenation (and the index) for a given key word.

4.9.3 Tutorials

Here the user can choose betwen a small number of tutorials that introduce to the basic handling of Archimedes Geo3D. It is recommended to work through all tutorials in the given order.

4.9.4 Register

Asks for a license-file. If you do not have a license-file, your web browser will be opened with the Archimedes-homepage where you can buy a license.

Go to the section ’pricing’. Choose a license. After having bought the license, you will get it as an email-attachement. You can copy the file ’license.georeg’ to the program-folder or use the menu ’Help - register’ again. Note that Mac-users will have to use the registration-menu, as there is no installation-directory on the Mac!

4.9.5 About

Shows information about the program, the license in use, and the number of objects in the construction.