8.2 Overview of all commands



Special features



Three coordinates as numbers or expressions

May be omited if the name is uppercse.

P=(1,2,3) P=(x,y,z) P=(1,sin(2),3+4)


Point / Point Point / Vector

Generates a line through two points or a line by supporting-point and directon-vector.

g=Line(P1, P2) g=Line(P1, V)


Expression, starting-point Punkt, Punkt Expression, expression, expression, point

In case of vectors that depend on expression a starting-point must be given for Archimedes to know where to draw the vector. By dragging the starting-point, the vector can be positioned freely.

v=Vector(V1+V2,P) v=Vector(1,2+3,s,P) v=Vector(P1,P2)


Point, Point, Point Point, Vector, Vector

Plane through three points or by supporting-point and two direction-vectors

pl=Plane(P1, P2, P3) pl=Plane(P1, V1, V2)

Slider or SL

Three numbers: Start, min, max

The numbers may be omited, the brackets not.

s=Slider(0,-5,5) s=SL() t=SL(0)


String that defines the expression

At the moment this way no functions can be defined. You can redefine the expression to be a function in its context-menu.

t=Expression(x+y) t=Expression(pi)