20 Known problems

  1. An unstable OpenGL driver can make the program crash. ATI-chips in notebooks are known to be problematic.
  2. All recursions in a macro will be invalidated if you change the given objects after defining the recursions. The program can crash when playing an invalid macro that was generated this way.
  3. If the screen resolution is too low not all buttons are visible. I would guess it is not much fun to use Archimedes with a resolution of 800x600. If you want (or have to) to try it all the same, you will have to use the keyboard-shortcuts (see introduction - first steps).
  4. After using a construction with lights and shadows the display may be faulty for the next construction. Restart the program to fix this.

 20.1 Known problems with the linux-version
 20.2 Known problems with the Mac-version