New beta with Portuguese translation

Thanks to Humberto Bortolossi we now have a Portuguese translation!

I will now try to update the other translations as well and make a stable release within the next weeks. There are some bugs to fix, too.

Regards, Andreas

Problem with flickering Fonts solved / improved

Dear users,

on some machines the labels for points and the numbers on the axes show some nasty flickering. I had always thought that this was a hardware issure and could not be solved on the software-side.
But I was able to introduce a switch that will let the user find the best setting for his machine: Use Extras - Settings - Miscellaneous.

Version 1.3.2

Version 1.3.2. enthält weitere Verbesserungen für die englische und französische Übersetzung (Objektnamen in Makros werden nun mit übersetzt). Wer nur die deutsche Version verwendet, benötigt dieses Update nicht.

Version 1.3.1

Version 1.3.1 contains updated translations for english and french and improvements to the 2d-mode. This mode can now be activated without a plane being selected. In this case the xy-plane will be used.

The 2d mode simplifies constructions in the plane, that are needed - for example - as a base for spatial constructions.

You can find version 1.3.1 for windows here:

Have fun!

Andreas Goebel

Version 1.2.15 updated

I am sorry that a small but serious bug was contained in version 1.2.15. I have uploaded a ne version 1.2.15b where this bug is fixed. In case you already downloaded 1.2.15, please update! The original version 1.2.15 is unusable. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Version 1.2.15

Version 1.2.15 contains updates and bug-fixes. Bug-fixes are related to angle-measurements, so please update in case you use those. Thanks to Eugen Brigger for discovering those bugs.

New features:

  • It is now possible to load settings from another Archimedes-file. Consider you have altered Archimedes' default-settings to match your personal taste and want to change your old geosave-files to use those settings, too. Simply load the old files, use file - load settings from file and select a file that uses the new settings.

Updates, licenses and bugs

License files

Please note that the license-files are valid for all platforms and all versions of Archimedes Geo3D. I have changed the license format twice in the past due to technical reasons. If your license-file fails to work with a new version, please send me the old file, I will send you a new one. If you have problems with your license-file, please contact me, not ShareIT!


Version 1.2.14

Version 1.2.14 contains some user-requested new features:

  • The description for circles and spheres now displays midpoint and radius numerically
  • New functions that can be used in expressions: ceil(x): smallest integer that is greater or equal to x, floor(x): biggest integer that is smaller or equal to x, round(x): closest integer to x, geq(a,b): evaluates to 1 if a>=b, 0 if not, leq(a,b): evaluates to 1 if a<=b, 0 if not, IsIn(a,b,c): Evaluates to 1 if a is contained in the interval [b,c], 0 if not.

Version 1.2.13

Version 1.2.13 contains small bug-fixes that are relevant in connection with changing names of objects.

Version 1.2.12

Version 1.2.12 brings small improvements: Expressions can be selected more easily, the graphics-window does no longer "catch" the keyboard-focus. This makes using the command-line easier, as it does not lose focus whenever the mouse enters the graphics-window.

Note that copying the graphics-window to the clipboard is no longer possible when the command-line has the keyboard-focus.

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