Version 1.2.14

Version 1.2.14 contains some user-requested new features:

  • The description for circles and spheres now displays midpoint and radius numerically
  • New functions that can be used in expressions: ceil(x): smallest integer that is greater or equal to x, floor(x): biggest integer that is smaller or equal to x, round(x): closest integer to x, geq(a,b): evaluates to 1 if a>=b, 0 if not, leq(a,b): evaluates to 1 if a<=b, 0 if not, IsIn(a,b,c): Evaluates to 1 if a is contained in the interval [b,c], 0 if not.

    Those functions enable the user to design piecewise defined functions or break a number into parts (for instance display a decimal angle as degree, minutes and seconds).

  • It is now possible to use very large co-ordinates. To do so, change the range of the co-ordinate system (settings - sizes - xmin, xmax ...). Take care to change the step for the labels, too: For co-ordinates ranging from -10000 to 10000 a step of 1000 makes sense. If you leave the step at 1 your computer will freeze because of the huge memory consumption for generating 20000 labels.
    The space-key will adjust your viewport to the new co-ordinate system. You will have to change the standard-sizes (settings - sizes) of objects as you won´t be able to see objects when using a large co-ordinate system.
    Nevertheless I do not recommend using very large co-ordinates. I cannot guarantee that all calculations are numerically stable for large co-ordinates.

I will upload some files for calculations of longitude and latitude that use the new functions.