Old installer, installs everything in c:/programs/Archimedes Geo3d :

Latest but two:

(Note that the translation of the english and french handbook is not yet complete, but the program itself is translated completely)

Mac OS X

Version 1.3.6:

Version 1.3.2:

Older version:


If you are using languages other than english, it might be necessary to generate locales with locale-gen!

Version 1.3.8, compiled on ubuntu 11./4:

Version 1.3.6, compiled on ubuntu 11.04:

Version 1.3.5 for Ubuntu 9.04 (the Archimedes-Script should now run without editing!):

This version should run on all common linux systems.

Older Version for SuSE and Ubuntu:

In case you encounter flickering, please use this binary (replace DreiDEdit with this one):

(Note for old Version: Dear Ubuntu-users! When I last compiled Archimedes on ubuntu I saw that the version built with SuSE runs fine on ubuntu. So please use this one. If it shows not to run properly, then I will build a version on ubuntu. )