Updates, licenses and bugs

License files

Please note that the license-files are valid for all platforms and all versions of Archimedes Geo3D. I have changed the license format twice in the past due to technical reasons. If your license-file fails to work with a new version, please send me the old file, I will send you a new one. If you have problems with your license-file, please contact me, not ShareIT!


Archimedes Geo3D is updated quite often. Bugs are fixed as soon as possible. If you want to stay informed about updates, please use the rrs-feed at the bottom of the front-page.


Please inform me about bugs! It is important to tell me how to reproduce the bug. Most bugs are easy to fix, but hard to discover. I never release a version of Archimedes Geo3D that contains any show-stopping bugs that I know of!. So if you discover a bug and wait for it to be fixed, you can be almost sure that it will never be fixed unless you write me a bug-report!