4.1 File

4.1.1 New

Deletes the current construction from memory and starts with an empty construction.

4.1.2 Load

Select a file to load in the fileselect-dialogue. The standard-extension is .geosave.

You should use an own folder for your Archimedes-files, for example ’Own files extbackslashgeosave’.

4.1.3 Save

Saves the construction under its known filename. This menu-item is disabled when the construction has not yet been saved.

4.1.4 Save as

Saves the construction under a new name.

4.1.5 Save as model

Saves the current construction as a 3D-model. At the time being you can only use the formats ’.osg’ and ’.ive’. Those are the formats of the scenegraph-library ’Open Scene Graph’ ’ ( www.openscenegraph.org ). All programs that use this library will be able to read your files.

Sometimes it is useful to save your construction as a model and then paste it into your construction. You can assemble a scene like this. You could save a ’building block’-model and then build something with building-blocks.

While this might sound like using macros, it is really something different:

4.1.6 Save as bitmap

Saves the current view as a bitmap. The formats .png, .jpg and .bmp can be used. The .png-format is recommended for this type of graphics.

The resolution of the screenshot can be chosen freely. A higher resolution is recommended for any images to be printed later (4000 pixels, for instance). After entering the x-resolution the y-resolution is computed automatically.

4.1.7 Quit

You will be prompted if you want to save your construction, then the program will quit unless you press cancel.