4.2 Edit

4.2.1 Undo

Undos the last action. The kind of action that will be undone is shown in the menu. Movements can be undone, too, which is useful if an object was moved by accident. In case of macros the whole macro is undone.

The undo-command is available after saving and reloading a document, too, if the document has been made with Archimedes Geo3D version 1.2 or newer.

4.2.2 Redo

Undos the last undo. This command is available only if no new objects have been inserted since the last undo-command.

To recapitulate the the creation of the whole document you can undo all actions by pressing ctrl-z repeatedly. Afterwards you can redo the whole scene by pressing ctrl-r repeatedly.

4.2.3 Delete selection

Deletes the selected objects and all objects that depend on them. If the whole scene depends on one point, the whole scene will be deleted. This action can be undone.

4.2.4 Hide / show selection

Hides the selected objects or makes them visible in case they were hidden before.

4.2.5 Select all

All objects are selected. This makes sense if, for example, you would like to convert the whole scene to black and white.

4.2.6 Name object

Selecting this menu will only work if one and only one object is selected. A dialogue for naming the object will show up.

Usually this is achieved in the context-menu. As transformation-objects are not visible in the construction you might want to use this menu to rename them, but you can still use the context-menu in the object-tree.

4.2.7 Show hidden

This command shows all hidden objects and selects them at the same time. This can be used to show a specific object as follows:

Caution: If you accidently click on an object without holding Ctrl, the selection is discarded, but this command can be undone, too.

4.2.8 Copy

Copies the current view to the clipboard to be used in other applications.

4.2.9 Attach

Here you can attach free points to

The last option can be used to redefine a point as an intersection. Construct the intersection and then attach the free point to this intersection.

Approach: Select the point and the object it should be attached to. Then select ’Attach’. Alternatively one can use the attach-button at the smaller toolbar, see the section about the smaller toolbar .

Those actions are not always possible:

4.2.10 Detach

Allows you to detach a point on a line, plane, circle, sphere or point (s.a.).

Those actions are not always possible: